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You never know when a medical emergency, family loss, disaster, or evacuation might occur... it's crucial to be prepared for whatever may come.

In Case of Emergency Preparedness Family Guides & Checklists Workbook

Our 'In Case of' emergency preparedness guides help you create a plan and have all of your vital contacts and critical information all in one place – without having to dig through piles of paperwork.

Get started today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Emergencies & Disasters Happen

when we least expect it.

Be prepared for any situation and quickly find what you need when you or your family need it most.

Emergencies happen when we least expect them to.

A medical emergency, loss, natural disaster, power outage or black-out could leave you scrambling and unprepared.
We've created easy-to-follow guides & checklists to help you get prepared.

Be Prepared for Anything

Why Emergency Planning is Important:

Whether it's a natural disaster, a medical emergency, or an accident in the home, preparing in advance can have a significant impact. Don't let the chaos of sifting through outdated statements, files, and folders overwhelm you.

Our guides provide quick access to all critical and necessary information, updated and readily available.

Relax knowing that someone else can help you take care of your financial and personal responsibilities – if you can't.

Our Survival Preparedness Guides can help you and your family be prepared for severe weather, evacuations, go-bag checklists, and offers food storage suggestions.

Use our in case of emergency guides to organize your familys needs

Use our guides as your..

  • Emergency Disaster Preparedness Guide
  • Home Emergency Resource
  • Family Emergency Contacts Checklist
  • Pet Sitter Instructions
  • Social Media Account Organizer
  • Family Financial Planner
  • Monthly Bills at a Glance
  • Personal / Family Medical Details
  • End of Life / Funeral Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planner
  • Online Digital Access Details
  • Disaster & Survival Binder
  • Bug-Out Bag Checklists
  • Food Storage Checklist
  • - and so much more!
Our Guides are easily viewed, printed and edited right from your computer

Fillable, Step-by-Step PDF Guides

We've made this so easy for you!

Your personal, medical, financial, and other important information can be easily input in our step-by-step guides & checklists.

  1. Just download, fill in the form fields in a browser or open the pdf in any pdf reader to complete. You can also print and fill them out with a pencil if you prefer.
  2. Save your printed files in a binder or digital files (along with digital photos, documents, and videos) onto an easy to spot thumb drive or an external hard drive.
  3. Store all items in a Fireproof / Water-Resistant container and keep in an easy-to-access, secure area.

Don't want to print everything yourself? Purchase one of our Preprinted Workbooks! ⤵

Purchase Our Preprinted Guides!

Includes Everything!

(No worries about printing or digital files getting lost!)

We now have preprinted workbooks!

Unorganized digital files are useless if inaccessible due to a failed hard drive, power outage, or password-protected computer. To avoid this, we offer our "In Case of Guides Emergency Preparedness Guides" preprinted workbooks!

Two Styles to Choose From:

Spiral Bound or Book Bound
  • » High Quality, Heavy-duty Covers & Inner Pages
  • » Full-Color Print Inside & Out
  • » Includes Intro, Table of Contents, Author
  • » All Categories with Die-cut Dividers Tabs
  • » 200+ Pgs of Guides, Forms & Checklists!

Why We All Should Be Prepared

And ready for any emergency.

Ask Yourself:

  • - If you died suddenly...
    Would family know how to take care of your finances, assets and final wishes?
  • - If you were injured...
    Would someone know how to take care of your household responsibilities if you couldn't assist?
  • - If your child is home alone...
    Would they know how to stay safe or where to go if a severe storm approached?
  • - If a disaster destroyed your home...
    Would you have physical proof or updated records of important assets?
  • - Do you have Go-Bags (Home/Car)...
    In case of severe weather or evacuation – What would you be able to grab?

Does this describe your situation?

  • - All of your information is digital on multiple websites and would be useless without power or login access.
  • - Any printed statements or financials are outdated because they're all online.
  • - All of your contacts & logins are on your phone and would be lost without it.
  • - You live in a heavily populated area that would create chaos if you had to evacuate.
  • - If you were to pass away unexpectedly, your spouse or family would be left scrambling and sifting through outdated documents, statements and piles of paperwork.

These are just a few of many examples why Emergency Planning is crucial for you and your family.

Who Really Needs This?

Seriously, literally everyone. If you are a...

Single individual, Married individual (with or without kids), Parent, Single Parent, Newlywed, Divorcee, Retiree, Hospice Patient, Pet Owner, Planner or Organizer, Investor, or even a Business Owner - You need your important information available for your next of kin in the event of an accident, emergency or death.

Emergencies don't care about your age or status.

So if you have anything of value (monetary or assets), you need to have financial & estate plans made. Or if you or a loved one is in bad health or needs assisting living - having an end-of-life plan in place is critical once the inevitable happens.