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Freeze Drying

Log Book & Journal

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You've got your freeze dryer, now get organized!

These were designed to work with 6 tray (or lower) Harvest Right Freeze Dryers.

Keep track and organize your freeze dried foods with our printable batch logs, planner, maintenance, reconstitution logs, and purchase & inventory sheets. Categorized sections to help you easily keep track.

After we purchased our freeze dryer and began running batches, we realized we needed detailed logs to help us keep track of all of our food items and the process in which each batch took, but we couldn't find anything close to what we needed. So of course I had to design our own.

After multiple designs, these have worked the best for us - so I decided to share what I had created.

Our Logs include categories for :
Vegetables, Legumes, & Grains, Fruit, Meals, Meats, Candy, Dairy, Dips & Desserts+, Drinks, and Other Items (makeup, medicines etc).

Our Freeze Drying Log Book & Journal Contains:

  • - 32 Custom Designed Printable Pages
  • - Binder / Log Book Cover Page
  • - 9 Category Page Dividers (each with checklists!)
  • - About My Freeze Dryer Page
  • - Purchase Ledger Logs
  • - Maintenance Logs
  • - Reconstitution Logs
  • - Measurement Conversion Chart
  • - Freeze Dried Batch Logs
  • - Freeze Dried Candy Batch Logs
  • - 9 Category Inventory Logs
  • - Additional Notes

New to Freeze Drying or curious WHY you should freeze dry food?:

  • - Up to 25 year shelf life when properly stored
  • - Does not need to be refrigerated or stored in a traditional freezer
  • - Color and taste is preserved
  • - No nutritional loss
  • - Preserve fruits & vegetables from your garden
  • - Save leftovers or fresh food to avoid spoiling
  • - KNOW what’s in your food & meals!
  • - Save money by preserving healthy food on sale (buy in bulk)
  • - Be prepared for you and your family

Guides Detail, Instructions, Usage & Terms:

  • Log Book & Journal Details:

    Our freeze drying log book & journals were custom designed in Adobe Illustrator using high-resolution vector graphics and fonts. These are not from pre-designed or existing templates–yet created to contain as many thorough and detailed checklists and guided form fields to help you keep a log of all your critical information and have nothing left out.

    These logs are ONLY sold on this website and not on Etsy or any other selling platform.

    Page Sizes:

    Each page size is 8.5" x 11" US Letter Size with safe margins to print easily from a home printer.
    The Binder Cover & Spine PDF is sized for standard 3 ring binder with 4 spine size options.
    All page margins are safe to hole-punch and use in a 3 ring binder.

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    4. 4. Print each page and organize to create your own freeze dried log book & journal binder

    These logs can easily be filled out using Adobe Acrobat's FREE pdf reader.

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    Print Quality:

    All of our freeze dried logs were custom designed in Adobe Illustrator using high-resolution vector graphics and fonts to ensure a clean and clear, high resolution print. However, the quality of your printable may depend on the printer you are using, the paper quality and thickness, the ink quality, and/or settings of the printer.
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