Freeze Drying Log Book & Journal

Let nothing go to waste.

Keep track of your batches, maintenance, purchases, inventory and more!

Check out our freeze drying book now available on Amazon! Check out our freeze drying book now available on Amazon!

Designed for Harvest Right 6-Tray Freeze Dryers.

Our Printed Log Book includes:

  • ✓ 200 (8.5" x 11") Spacious pages
  • ✓ "How Long Does FD Food Last?"
  • ✓ "Why Freeze Dry?"
  • ✓ About My Freeze Dryer Log
  • ✓ Measurement Conversion Chart
  • ✓ Freeze Drying Candy Hack
  • ✓ Purchased Items Ledgers
  • ✓ Machine Maintenance Logs
  • ✓ Planner/Checklists
  • ✓ Category Dividers with Checklists
  • ✓ Individual Food Batch Logs
  • ✓ Individual Candy Batch Logs
  • ✓ Reconstitution Logs
  • ✓ Food & Candy Inventory Logs
  • ✓ Additional Notes Pages
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See What's Included!

We covered everything you need.

See inside our Freeze Drying Log book & Journal
Check out our detailed Freeze drying batch logs

Custom designed to note all the things!

Our batch logs were designed for serious users!

Each 'Batch Log' page is for a new, individual run - with areas to keep all the important notes!

Candy Batch Logs are similar to the food batch logs, but include options required for running special items in "Candy Mode". These are included in the "Candy" category.

Detailed Reconstitution logs

Just Add Water!

Reconstitution Logs!

One of the most important steps in freeze drying your foods!

Each category includes "Reconstitution Logs" so you can immediately notate the water needed after completing each new food/ item batch!

*These are not included in the "Candy" category as most sweets are not reconstituted (and best eaten freeze dried).

Our log book helps you organize with category section dividers

Categorized to Organize!

9 Category Cover Pages

Categories to keep your freeze dried items completely organized include:
  • » Vegetables (Veggies, Legumes, & Grains)
  • » Fruit » Candy
  • » Meats » Meals
  • » Dairy » Juices/Broths
  • » Dips & Desserts +
  • » Other Items (Dog Treats, Herbs, etc)
Each Category Includes:
  • » Cover Page with Checklists
  • » (6 Tray) Individual Batch Logs
  • » Reconstitution Logs (except "Candy")
  • » Inventory Logs
  • » Additional Notes pages
Additional logs to keep record of all your freeze drying needs

Everything You Need!

To keep all of your freeze drying notes in one place!

Spacious sections to keep track of your expenses, purchases & inventory

Download our Freeze Dried Candy Hack in a Full Color PDF here!