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"I just opened your amazing book! Wow!!!! It is awesome!
- I love it and definitely need it! I'm so impressed - Can't imagine how you created something like this. Thank you so much!"

Cindy B. / Georgia

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"Thanks so much for the Emergency Preparedness Book! Wow! What a great resource! It really makes you think about ALL the important things you need to keep records of."

"This will take me a while to complete, but so important to do."

Sonja B. / Montana

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"I wish I had the 'In Case Of Guides' a few years ago when my mom was in a car accident. I tried to alleviate stress for her but literally could not do anything without her help because she was the keeper of all the accounts and passwords.
Having to get her help was an extra stressor she didn’t need. These guides would have alleviated that stress."

"More recently, a student of mine experienced a house fire two days after Christmas. His parents were, and are, lost…they didn’t even know where to begin or who to call, having lost all of their important information in the fire. It’s devastating to watch them go through this. I have been blessed so far not to have to deal with these types of tragedies in a more personal level but it has been eye opening. And these guides have certainly alleviated my own anxiety about tragedy stringing my own household."

Melissa K. / Michigan

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"On March 4th, 2023 there was a fatal tanker explosion in Frederick, MD that was caught on ring camera by a friend of mine whose home was just across the street from the horrific accident.

Unfortunately the driver passed away and a home near the explosion was completely destroyed. But the community rallied together to help the families affected in an incredible way.

There's many things we can be prepared for, but there's many we could never see coming. The most we can do, is have the mindset that emergencies can happen when we least expect them and to be prepared as much as possible."

These guides seriously helped me. They put me in the mindset to figure out a quick and simple plan.

Rai M. / Maryland

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