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Snowmaggedon in Northern Virginia

Since around 2009–2010, while living in Loudoun County, Virginia (Northern VA/DC Metro), I began prepping for my family in various ways – which proved extremely helpful during Snowmageddon 2010 when the area had 25-35"+ of snow dumped on us.

I recall during this time, there was a 3-week span that semi-trucks could not get to our local grocery stores to re-stock shelves, but we were doing ok because I had prepped for the storm to come and had a few week's worths of food and supplies stocked up ahead of time.

Many people hear "Survival Preparedness" and automatically associate it with some end-of-the-world or zombie apocalypse when, in actuality, it can simply be preparing for severe weather, medical emergencies, or deaths in the family.

Most people assume the worst will never hit them or their area - until it does, and it's too late.

Photo of tornado damage

Fast forward to current times.

After relocating from the East Coast to the country, the Coronavirus pandemic and Mother Nature's frustration towards the world only strengthened my desire to communicate the necessity of being prepared–which I had kept to myself for a long time, but not anymore.

With the recent disastrous events that have been happening all over the globe, there's honestly no reason NOT to be prepared and be ready as much as possible for when emergencies or disasters strike.

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Mother in laws car accident

It's not only about the weather.

A big inspiration to creating these guides came after my mother in law's horrific car accident.

She was ran off the road by a semi-truck and was left in the field with a broken pelvis, multiple broken ribs and a punctured lung.
She spent weeks and weeks in a hospital recovering and had to re-learn to walk.

During this time, family members close by tried to take care of her home-life responsibilities and found it extremely difficult as they had NO knowledge or details about her financial accounts, bills, utilities - anything - without her assistance.

Having this kind of information readily available would have made this situation a lot easier on all family members involved - including my sweet mom-in-law. She recovered like a champ by the way. She's our rock!

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Meet Mary Adkins - Founder, Creator and Designer of In Case of Guides

So, Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Mary Adkins.

I am the author, designer, and creator of "In Case of... Emergency Preparedness Guides & Checklists".

I'm a self-employed graphic designer & website developer of 24 years (owner of with over 28 years of design experience.
I'm also a wife, mom of 4, GiGi to 1, pet owner, and I raise a few chickens.

I have always had a 'prepper' mentality--making sure we had 'family plans' in the event of a tornado or another snowstorm... But I have never put it all in one place--until now.

After personal experiences, I decided to create these emergency guides for my family that would include everything "In Case Of..."- and to not have to rely on apps that would fail if not updated/supported or not accessible due to power outages, failed hard-drives, broken phones or loss of digital access in general.
After hearing feedback from family, I decided to share my creation with the world.

Because emergencies happen when we least expect them to... not being prepared can make it a lot worse.

Thank you for your purchase and support.
I hope you find these guides very useful.

May you and your family be blessed, safe, and prepared. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.