In Case of Guides 'Spiral-bound' Preprinted guides are currently only sold here on our In Case of Guides website. Orders for our Spiral-bound guides are processed via Stripe.

A limited quantity of our guides have been printed to ensure print quality. We may offer pre-orders for the next run.

Spiral-Bound Preprinted Guides

Our Entire Emergency Preparedness Collection

with Divider Tabs


Limited Quantity! US Orders Only!

Our Emergency Preparedness Preprinted Guide book is custom designed to help you and your family stay organized and prepared for unexpected events.

They feature thoughtfully crafted layouts that combine detailed forms with guided checklists, ensuring you don't miss any essential steps.

Our printed guides are of high quality and built to last, providing a reliable tool to assist you in being prepared for anything that comes your way.

We've chosen a spiral/coil-bound format for convenience, allowing the pages to lie flat and making it easier to fill out each section.

The purpose of our guides is to help you record all necessary information, ensuring that nothing important is missed.

Description, Order & Shipping Info, and Return Policy

Description, Included Sections & Details:

These printed guides are limited to the number of sections for adults, children and pets.
If you need more to accommodate a larger family, please visit the appropriate sections on our website and download extras for your book.

Guide book Specs & Page Sizes:
  • - Cover Size: 9" wide x 11" height
  • - Overall Guide Book Size: 10" x 11" including coil + tabs x 1.5" thick
  • - Page Size: 200+ Full color, high quality 8.5" x 11" pages
  • - Categories: Includes ALL 14 Categories
  • - Divider Tabs: (14) 9" x 11" Divider tabs for each category built in
Storage Suggestion:

Store your guide book in a waterproof/fireproof container and keep it in an easy-to-locate area for quick and easy access in case of an emergency.

Order/Shipping, Return Policy & Terms:
Once your order is placed:

Our spiral-bound book purchases are processed through Stripe which allows various payment options.

Upon receiving your order and payment confirmation, your book will be securely packaged as best as possible and shipped out within 1-2 days of the order processing (some credit cards may take longer to process).

How are orders shipped?

We are currently only taking domestic (United States) orders since we only have a limited quantity to start. This may change as we produce more.

All Emergency Preparedness Guide books are shipped via MediaMail from Oklahoma. Depending on your location, deliveries could take 2-8 business days to arrive.

If an order comes through over the weekend or a holiday, we will still prepare and package the book(s) and have them ready for the next business ship day available.

What if my order isn't received?

Let us know right away - it may be simply misplaced by the delivery driver or late, but we can begin tracking the item just in case.

Please be sure to check any areas around your home, location or with neighbors to see if any received it by mistake.

If it is not delivered in a timely manner or was lost or stolen, we will send out a new book to replace it.
*If the original one arrives, please let us know and we will send you a free return label to ship it back to us.

If your book arrived damaged, please contact with your Order Number and email photos if possible so we can also make a claim.

Since we do only have a limited supply to start, this help would be greatly appreciated.

What is your Return Policy for the printed guides?

Don't like your Guides? We are so sorry!
If you’re not pleased with your recent purchase or it isn’t what you had hoped, please read the instructions below:

  • - We accept returns on all unused items within 30 days of the shipment arrival.
  • - Contact to start your return process - we will then respond to you with our return address.
  • - Once we receive it and verify that it is free from damage or use, we will refund the card used to complete the purchase.
  • - Processing times of your refund occurs within 5 business days of arrival. (Refund times may vary depending on the card or payment provider used but typically process up to 5 business days of item receipt.)
  • - Original and return shipping charges are not available for refund.

- Any returned guides must be in new condition, unaltered, unused, and free of any damage.
- We will not process refunds if the guide has been written in or damaged.
- The guide must be re-packaged and returned in the same packaging as it was provided in.

Will a Return Label Provided?

Kindly note that we are currently unable to provide a return label. When returning your item, we kindly recommend utilizing USPS First Class as it offers the most cost-effective shipping option. Generally, this service costs approximately $4-$9 for packages weighing under 13 ounces.

Upon receiving your returned item(s), we will promptly send you an email to confirm their arrival. We will then carefully assess your return package, and typically process the product refund within 5 business days.

Please be aware that the shipping cost for your order is non-refundable.
Rest assured, we will notify you via email once your refund has been successfully processed.

*A return label will only be provided if a replacement book is sent and the original one is delivered as well.

Terms of Use:

All guides, digital printables, editable forms, graphics and designs from these guides are property of In Case of Guides and are for personal use only. By purchasing and/or downloading, you are agreeing to the terms below.

You may not alter, copy, edit, claim as your own, re-distribute, re-print to resell, give away, share, or sell any of the graphics, graphic design elements, layout design, logo design, formats, forms, text/contents, or pdf guides.

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