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Our Entire Emergency Preparedness Guides


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Our book-bound (with titled spine) option of our Emergency Preparedness Guides are now available on the Barnes & Noble website!

These workbooks have a 1.5" thick titled spine vs spiral bound and do not have the die-cut divider tabs. They are printed full color on high quality paper and are solid!

They are designed to help you and your family stay organized and prepared for unexpected events.

These beautiful guides feature thoughtfully crafted layouts that combine detailed forms with guided checklists, ensuring you don't miss any essential steps.

The purpose of our guides is to help you record all necessary information, ensuring that nothing important is missed.

These workbooks are printed and shipped via Barnes & Noble!

Description, Order & Shipping Info, and Return Policy

Description, Included Sections & Details:

These printed guide books are limited to the number of sections for adults, children and pets.
If you need more to accommodate a larger family, please visit the appropriate sections on our website and download extras for your workbook.

Guide Specs & Page Sizes:
  • - Cover Size: 9" wide x 11" height x 1.5"+ thick
  • - Page Size: 200+ Full color, high quality 8.5" x 11" pages
  • - Categories: Includes ALL 14 Categories
Storage Suggestion:

Store your Workbook in a waterproof/fireproof container and keep it in an easy-to-locate area for quick and easy access in case of an emergency.

Order Status, Shipping, & Return Policy

For all orders placed through the Barnes & Noble website, please refer to the information provided on their website regarding your order.