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Digital Access

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Don't Get Locked Out!

Passwords get changed often and too many apps get hacked! Note your login info down for you and family members in the event of an emergency!

The Digital Access section offers (11) comprehensive pages to keep track of all your digital access. This is a crucial resource to have, as many usernames and passwords may differ from platform to platform, such as different websites, computers, and phones.

Fillable: Edit each pdf from your computer or tablet device using a pdf editor or download Adobe Acrobat free.

This Section Contains:

  • - Divider Cover Pg
  • - Social Media
  • - Shopping & Selling Sites
  • - Food, Entertainment, & Travel
  • - Payment Processing Sites
  • - Data Storage & Email Accounts
  • - WiFi & Streaming Subscriptions
  • - Cell Phones, iPads & Tablets
  • - Computers & Laptops
  • - Gaming Consoles
  • - Websites, Hosting, & Domains

Guides Detail, Instructions, Usage & Terms:

  • Guide Details:

    Our guides were custom designed in Adobe Illustrator using high-resolution vector graphics and fonts. These are not from pre-designed or existing templates–yet created to contain as many thorough and detailed checklists and guided form fields to help you keep a log of all your critical information and have nothing left out.

    In Case Of Guides are ONLY sold on this website and not on Etsy or any other selling platform.

    Page Sizes:

    - Each Insert page size is 8.5" x 11" US Letter Size with safe margins to print easily from a home printer.
    - Binder Cover & Spine PDF is sized for standard 3 ring binder with 4 spine size options.
    - Page margins are safe to hole-punch and use in a 3 ring binder.

    Divider Tabs:

    Divider Index Tabs are compatible with 2 Avery Printable Tab options:
    - Avery Tab Option 1 1/4" Size / (Optional 1 1/4" Avery Tabs on Amazon)
    - Avery Tab Option 1 3/4" Size / (Optional 1 3/4" Avery Tabs on Amazon)
    - Avery's Recommended Printer Settings can also be found here.

    Welcome 'Read Me' Instructions PDF Included:
    In Case of Guides Welcome Read Me instructions PDF thumbnail

    A "Welcome" pdf comes along with each final purchase.
    It contains all of the instructions as well as the usage terms and print release.

  • Easy Steps:
    1. 1. Download the fillable pdf(s)
    2. 2. Fillable pdfs can be filled out on your desktop or mobile device.
    3. 3. Fillable pdfs can also be filled out, then printed from your home printer, or printed first - then filled out by hand (pencil suggested for easier future updates)
    4. 4. Print each page and organize to create your own family emergency binder
    5. 5. Save digital files to a secure location such as a thumb drive or an external hard drive

    These guides can easily be filled out using Adobe Acrobat's FREE pdf reader.

    For additional help, please view our Get Started page and be sure to click on each Click on the PDF Icon for visual pdf to help save extra file. PDF icon for visual help.

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    PRINTED COPIES: Store your printed binder in a waterproof/fireproof container and keep it in an easy-to-locate area for quick and easy access in case of an emergency.

    DIGITAL COPIES: Store your digital files on an external hard drive or thumb drive and keep in a waterproof/fireproof container or safe deposit box for quick and easy access in case of an emergency.
    We suggest not saving your only copy on a password-protected computer or laptop in case it gets lost, stolen, or becomes damaged–your files will then be useless.

  • Your Order:

    It is important to note that these products are digital 'printables' files only–No physical prints or products will be shipped unless the product you are purchasing are one of our Preprinted Guides.

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    3. - For best print results, you may want to print the PDF guides at a copy store.

    Print Quality:

    All of our checklists and guides were custom designed in Adobe Illustrator using high-resolution vector graphics and fonts to ensure a clean and clear, high resolution print. However, the quality of your printable may depend on the printer you are using, the paper quality and thickness, the ink quality, and/or settings of the printer.
    Therefore, we can not guarantee nor are we responsible for the outcome of the quality of print you may get.

    Print Release:

    A print release is provided with your printables after your purchase order is complete.

    Once you purchase any of our printables, a Print Release will be included in the pdfs. Some copy shops may ask you to provide evidence of permission to print. To do so, simply print your print release and take it with you.

  • Future Updates:

    Your purchase entitles you to any future updates to these category/section free of charge.

    If you have any problems downloading your files, please contact us with your name, email and order number and we will help replace your guides.

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    The product you are purchasing is digital and can be electronically transferred–therefore, we are not able to provide a refund.
    However, it is my utmost priority to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.
    Depending on the order's circumstances, an exchange of files may be possible. If you happen to make a mistake on your order, please do not worry - We are more than happy to correct the issue or resend the files.

  • Terms of Use:

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